College Briefing

       Founded in 1998, the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) ranks among the most prestigious engineering institutions in the nation. The college consists of three departments—Electrical Engineering (EE), Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE), Communication Engineering (CE) and one graduate institute—Network Learning Technology (NLT). These academic units offer a comprehensive engineering curriculum for fostering influential leaders in the greater information communication technology sector.

As the leading college in a research oriented university, we accept the top 10 percent of talented students among high schools in Taiwan. Nearly 2,200 students comprise the one graduate institute and the three departments. Supervised by nearly eighty faculty members, we provide dedicated learning environments and well-equipped facilities to enable students to explore their interests and develop their career paths.

Scholarship among our faculty is a strength. We emphasize on research and development of theory to improve critical thinking and problem solving abilities.  

The many awards granted to students and faculty, the high citation numbers of publications, as well as the large research funds received each year, endorse the excellence of this college. Our faculty members are also heavily involved in several campus-wide leading-class laboratories and interdisciplinary research centers, such as Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, Optical Sciences Center, Software Research Center, Communication Research Center, Center for Science and Technology of Learning, and Center for Nano Science and Technology.

International Program

The College of EECS has connections to eminent worldwide universities and offers international programs:

Dual Degree Partner

l   Linköping University, Institute of Technology, Sweden

l   New York Polytechnic University

 Exchange Student Partners

l   ChongQing University, China

l   Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

l   Nanjing University, China

l   Southeast University, China

l   Hiroshima University, Japan

l   Tokyo Institute of Technology