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About Us

In order to strengthen the foundation of research and development and forward-looking software theories and technologies, actively cooperates with the development trend of world software technological research and promotes software-related work, and cultivates specialized talents and provides social services, our school has established a software research center. In the past few years, the center has implemented "Fundamental Industrial Technology Development Program" subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. We have discussed with partners in the industry for many years, and gradually shaped two research goals: High availability virtual machine technology for industrial computers and testing technology for large high availability systems. At the same time, the center is also actively cooperating with the industry to derive a number of industry-university cooperation projects (currently there are several manufacturers with intention to cooperate), hoping to further promote cooperation between industry and academia.

Projects & Results

Fault-Tolerant Virtual Machines

Fault-Tolerant Virtual Machines is classified into two research categories.

  • hardware fault tolerance
  • software fault tolerance

The former receives significant attention from the traditional fault tolerance research community; on the contrary, the latter receives less attention and is regarded as a relatively novel field. Software Implemented fault tolerance deals with faults that cannot be dealt with by hardware fault-tolerant methods via the use of the software-based detection and recovery methods, which include software hangs and crashes. With software implemented fault tolerance, the possibility of operational business loss due to the software malfunction can be minimized.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security is classified into several research categories.

  • Authentication for Smartphone Users
  • Driver Behavior Recognition
  • Pedestrian distracted recognition

Big Data Analysis and Prediction

Big Data Analysis and Prediction is classified into several research categories.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing Big Data Analysis and Prediction
  • Financial Prediction
  • Automated Optical Inspection



Professor Liang, Deron


Associate Professor Wang, Wei-Jen

Professor Fan, Kuo-Chin

Professor Yi-Ming Chen

Professor Hsu, Fu-Hau

Assistant Professor Zhuang, Yung-Yu

Associate Professor Cheng, Yung-Pin

Professor Su, Mu-Chun